President Donald Trump made some promises during his campaign, which, if he follows through on even a portion of what he professed will increase the suffering in the lives of the most vulnerable Americans and make many, many people unsafe. Those of us who value justice believe that we will look back on our current moment as one of the darkest times in our history.

What can we do? We can build multi-issue, inter-generational coalitions operating from Martin Luther King’s assertion that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. We have to stay together and stay informed. We are resilient and we will survive, but there will be causalities …to deportation,  to hate crimes, to execution by the police, to incarceration, to death from treatable illnesses, to senseless war and to suicide.

Join with me by providing your information below. I will use my site as a platform for analysis and self-reflection… This is what I feel called to do. How do you plan to use your gifts for the cause of justice for all?

Be safe.

Dr. Gabrie’l J. Atchison
Buffalo, NY


Photo Credits: Matt Lincoln